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FF: Bound In Crime

Title: Bound In Crime

Author: The Dark Zodiac

Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Pairing: Catherine Willows / Sara Sidle [Cara]

Setting: AU.

Spoilers: N/A

Rating: M

Warning: Contains girl on girl action, if this offends please stop here, as gore and blood.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. They belong to the suits. I just play in other people's sandboxes. Seriously suing me isn't a good idea all you'll get is an IOU and nothing much else. All British spellings are mine.

Archive: Sure, just tell me where I can find it.

Beta: No. Self beta'd, looking for a beta though.

Summery: 2 million reasons to go bad.

Author's Note: Done as part of the CathSara Film Challenge. This will be in parts.

Act 1

Sara Sidle sighed. She was back in Vegas. After 5 years. Five long years. She thought.

She was grateful to Mr Grissom for hiring her. After all it was a clean break. All she had do was make over this apartment for him. Seen as his usual fixer Warrick had decided to take a break. If she did well more work would follow.

She stepped inside the aparment block. Noting the clean tiled floor which stretched towards an art deco looking elevator at the end of the corridor. She walked down the corridor and pressed the button.

A few seconds later she heard the ping. Then the doors opened. She stepped inside. She placed her stuff in the corner.

She was just about to press the button, when she heard, "Hold the elevator." The voice was female.

Sara stuck her arm out and caught the doors before they could shut.

The woman who walked through the doors was beautiful. Strawberry-blonde curly hair, her eyes covered with a pair of sun glasses, short black leather jacket. Low cut top.

The guy that walked in after her was taller than her clean shaven. Might of been handsome if she thought about it. Mack covered a suit. He wore sunglasses as well.

Sara settled back in the corner. The guy reeked of sleazy. She watched as he pushed the button for the 10th floor.

The click of plastic on plastic made Sara look towards the opposite corner.

The woman had taken off her sunglasses revealing blue eyes. She looked interested at her. Sara returned the look. Her male friend was so interested the doors he didn't notice the interaction between the two women.

The ride was fast. The doors opened. The man stepped out. The woman shot her a smirk and walked out behind him.

Sara tilted her head to watch the woman's walk. The sway was certainly interesting...

Sara internally laughed. Get a grip Sidle. She dug into her pocket and pulled out a key. She flipped the fob. 113.

Sara picked up her stuff and carried it down the corridor. She paused at the door. She looked towards the apartment next door. And was pleasantly surprised to see the pair that she'd had shared the the elevator with.

The woman shot her another smirk before she disappeared into the apartment. Sara shook her head and unlocked the door.

The apartment wasn't in too bad shape. Sara put her stuff down. The floor was bare, just floorboards. The kitchen was in the corner. It would be an open plan kitchen. The walls still had a red flowery patterned wallpaper.

Sara blew out a breath and stared up at the ceiling.

Welcome to work. She mused as she took off her leather jacket. She put her hands on her hips and smiled.


End Of Act 1


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Feb. 22nd, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
Aww great start. I'm so excited for this fic. <3
Feb. 22nd, 2010 07:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I hope it's good enough because I love the film. I'm working through it on my other computer. I've got the end and bits of pieces after the end scene. I should have another part of it by wednesday.

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