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FF: Smooth Burn [C/S]

Title: Smooth Burn...

Author: The Dark Zodiac

Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Pairing: Catherine Willows / Sara Sidle [Cara] 

You: Catherine Willows

Setting: End of Season 4.

Spoilers: Seasons 1 - 9.

Rating: M

Warning: Contains girl on girl action, if this offends please stop here. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing. They belong to the suits. I just play in other people's sandboxes. Seriously suing me isn't a good idea all you'll get is an IOU and nothing much else.

Summary: Mix whiskey and clichés together see what happens

Author's Note: Amazingly brittle muse strikes again! Second part of my Smooth Burn stories. Same idea different couples.  This is the second Smooth Burn. 

The bar tender sets your order down in front of you. The best whiskey the bar has. It's expensive but you don't care. You admire the colour in the glass. On the rocks of course. You don't drink whiskey often but something about today makes you want to drink.

You're in a bar in Vegas. It's not on the Strip. The strip's a little gaudy for your taste today. You've tucked yourself in one of the non script bars. A serious drinker's place.

You roll it around in your hand, almost hypnotised by the deep amber colour and the way it clings to the glass. It's so pretty, you absently smile at that thought. You despise the word but you find it oddly comforting.

You've got a brunette to burn. You want to burn her away, but you know that is a foolish endeavour. Your desire isn't that easy to burn away although you wish you could. Just burn or block it out. 

Your phone starts to sing, you can hear it through the padding of your purse. You pick your purse up and open it. Digging your phone out you flip it open. Chris. You remember him well, the guy you used to get over 7 months of going with out. The sex was good. But you press the reject button and toss it into your purse again. You're not stupid, he could hurt you, after all he is a night club manager, and he’d have the girls lining up. And you don't want to take a number.

You're heart sick or maybe love stoned or even lust blinded.   You don't really know. You don't understand why you want to burn Sara Sidle into your senses. Or burn her out of your senses. The metaphor doesn't really work for you. The lust you feel is like fire but that's about it.

You can't put your finger on why she attracts you. You're shallow as the next person, but something about Sara gets under your skin. Maybe it's because she gets under your skin. She's always got a fire about her, she doesn't take your shit, and you don't take hers. Maybe you can imagine all the angry sex you could have. The image of an angry Sara makes you squirm slightly as the burn starts a slow pulse through your veins.

You take a sip. The smoothness burns down your throat. You revel in that. It's the first kick, you ate well so the alcohol won't go straight your head. You don't care who watches you. You're not stupid, you know you're attractive. You've known that ever since you were old enough to recognise the signs of attraction. You played on that for years when you were a stripper.

You laugh at your own thoughts, shaking your head as you slowly sip the liquid. You're nursing your drink; you don't want to let it go just yet. Your senses are filled with the whiskey, sight of the colour, sound of it moving against the glass, touch of the glass in your hand, the taste of it laying on your tongue and lips, the smell of it as you drink it.

You consider ordering another. You check the time; it's well past quitting time. But you have to time it. Because she just might be staying behind. You don't want to turn up and she's not there because you know that by the time the morning's out, you want to be fucking Sara Sidle.

Maybe if you fuck her, then you'll get her out of your head. You've lost count how many times since she arrived that you've woken up in the middle of the night with thoughts of her going through your head. You just figured it out a couple of years ago, when you woke up with the feeling of being held. Just after Eddie's case. Hearing her plea I did my best. They way she used your hated nickname, so tenderly. Cat. You hate the nickname but yet it sounded so good on her lips. Your mind gifts with the image of Sara's mouth as she said "Cat." You remember her mouth.

Or how many times your hand's ended up in-between your legs because of it. You've never pin pointed why she is the one that breaks the trend. But you don't want to question it too much, because you might lose the feeling and you don't want to do that just yet. Not until you've had her.

That makes you smile. You know that your target is waiting for you.   With all the conflicted thoughts about her. The way she is. You want to possess her just for this moment, if that's all you get. You want her to feel this. Maybe you want her to share the burn. Maybe you'll make her burn for you. That makes you smile. You're burning for her now.

You get up. You swing your purse around, leaning over you ask the bar tender if he can call you a cab, after the obligatory rack check he nods. You flash him a smile. He blinks slightly as your smile goes predatory

You get up and walk away. You know that people are watching, you put a little extra sway in your hips as you walk out. The smile on your face is still there. The lust is fizzing around your blood is making you bold. Even bolder than usual.

The yellow cab pulls up, you open the door and get in. The taxi driver meets your eyes in the rear window. He asks, "Where to?" You reel off Sara's apartment address. You found it when Gil's back was turned, he was busy and you timed it perfectly.

You look towards the lightening sky. You smile contently. The driver tries to make conversation. You bat his questions away, you're too busy thinking about Sara to care. The cab ride is soon over. You tip him then disappear into the building. Your bag swings with your movement you're holding the strap in your left hand.

Riding up in the lift. You lean against the back. You exclude the whole vibe of being in control. You have to exclude something. You don't want to be nervous, because that feels like weakness. You've got to be confident because you won't get your way with out being confident.

You walk down the corridor. It almost feels like a strut. But it's more than that. It feels like you're stalking. You shake your head. Then you're standing in front of her door. You raise your hand and knock.

There's noises behind the door. You wait. There's a scuffing noise. Then the door swings open. 

She's standing there, shorts and a vest top. She looks like she's just about to go to bed. You ask her if you could come in. You mentally drool at her outfit that manages to show off a few of her ... undercover talents. The vest top rests low across her chest, she's not wearing a bra. And those shorts show off her legs, they're short without being obscene but you wouldn't of mind if they were a little shorter...

Sara gives you a look. Then she waves her hand. "Sure whatever." She sounds dismissive, but you hope that she will change her mind. You can change it for her.

She walks into the small but functional kitchen. She asks you why you're here. You say that you came to talk to her.

She turns to you. "Talk?" She asks. "Or lecture." She says. She folds her arms over her chest. 

You move towards her. "Just talk. Nothing more." You say. "No lectures." You comment about Gil. How you're not the lecturing type. You prefer to let people make mistakes and learn from them without the sermon.

Sara's eyes flash, but she just shakes her head. "Couldn't you choose a better time?" She asks almost petulantly. "It's the first time I've been able to clock out and have some time off in the last 3 weeks."

You smile internally. You knew that she was off. "I just wanted to talk to you before you went off for a couple of days."

Sara eyes you sceptically. "How did you know that I was off?" She asks you. She's challenging you. She seems distrustful. You don't blame her but you like having her a little uneasy. Makes it fun, makes it interesting.

You walk towards her, "Gil mentioned it." You tell her. Which is true, because he seemed to be relieved that he'd managed to get her to take a few days off.

She sighs then shakes her head. She seems to accept your answer. She looks at you again. "So what do you want to talk about?"   She asks you.

You move to her. She looks at you. Then you make your move. You drop your bag on the floor, you really don't care for the noise, in two steps you're in front of her. You press her up against the counter. 

"What are you doing?" She almost snarls out. 

You just smile at her. You move your hips in a slow circle. Letting her feel what's there. 

Sara's eyes nearly pop out of her head. She stares at you like you've grown two heads. You mock her, "I'm sure you know what this is." You smirk at her, the smirk is just a touch wicked, "And you probably know what I'm going to do with it." You have a method in this madness. It maybe a cliché but you know that you'd want to your hands free. Because you won't be able not touch her. Your fingers tingle as you imagine touching her skin. 'We eat with our eyes', it's a simple truth that you know all too well. You're feeling greedy, you want to touch and taste.

Sara's eyes narrow. Her hand moves but you catch it easily, pushing it down to her side. You know that she was going to push you away, but you're not letting her push you away. You lean up to her, kissing her. She doesn't respond. She pulls away, "What are you doing?"

You smirk, "Add it up genius." You tell her. 

Sara blinks then she shakes her head, "Just leave Catherine." She says, she goes to push you away. But you pin her again. Pressing yourself up against her. Letting her feel what this is doing to you. For you.

Sara just stares at you. She seems to not believe that you want this. "This isn't happening." She lays emphasis on the 'happening'.

That sounds like a note of consent. You move your hands, to around her waist. You kiss her this time a little more tender than the last kiss. She responds. It's just a flick of her tongue against your lip. You part your lips. She slides her tongue inside your mouth.

You let her play for a few minutes before you pull away. You move, kneeling in front of her. You slide your hand up her torso. Purposely pushing the heel of your hand into her flesh. Sara tries to cross her legs, but you stop her thighs coming together. You move your hands to her hips. You have to admit she has nice legs. Maybe later you can feel how good they feel wrapped around you. That makes you smile.

Sara looks down, then you curl your fingers around her shorts. You can feel something else underneath. You drag the shorts down her legs. You see the red lace. You smirk. Then file that away for maybe the next time. The image of Sara in red lace makes you almost drool. You look back at her as she steps out of her shorts. 

There's a beat before you lean in. Pressing a kiss against the cotton covered stomach. Then you lower your head, settling your mouth in-between her legs.

You smile as she jerks her hips as you taste her. You move your hands, holding her to your hungry mouth. You don't want to waste a drop. You want to ravage her, just to start the show. This is just entree.

Sara's hand comes down on your hair, she digs her fingers into your hair. You like it, she's holding you were she wants you. You suck her clit. You hear her moan. It abruptly cuts off when she realises that she's made a noise. You smile smugly. Then move away for a second. You can feel the fingers in your hair loosen slightly. Then you push your tongue inside.

That gets you a whimper. It's more like a moan but she's not making it easy for you. But you know that she's liking it, her words mean nothing when you've got her body responding like this. You take your right hand away from her hip, you angle your hand so that your thumb lands on her clit. That gets you a moan. That makes you clench, you start to move faster inside her. You can't wait to hear her come. You adjust your position so that you can dive deeper into her. You start moving your thumb faster.

She doesn't last much longer. She gasps. It sounds like a cross between your name and a moan. The other hand digs into your hair as she bucks hard against your mouth. You swallow what ever she's got to give. She tastes sweeter now. The sweetest submission. 

You finally let up. You move your mouth away. Her fingers fall away. You look at her. She looks beautiful. There's a red flush to her skin, her eyes are half closed. You smile, you can't wait to see this image even more when you get inside her. You move your hand it's still stained. You put it against her stomach.

Sara looks down, you make a big deal of licking your lips, sucking them into your mouth. Moaning at her taste. It tastes sweet because you've just made Sara Sidle come. You know that this is just a taster, there's more to come. You just had to have a taste for a starter, you have an agenda now.

You straighten up, you move close to her, nuzzling into her hair. You can smell her shampoo. She must have had a shower, because she smells clean. You can't hardly smell her own smell. You smile, closing your eyes and letting her scent fill your senses. Sara turns her head, you kiss her. Allowing her to tease your mouth open. She moans into your mouth as she tastes herself on your lips.

You start pulling her away from the kitchen. You want to move somewhere different, maybe the sofa or the bedroom...

Sara twists around, she's now leading you towards something. You pull away from the kiss. You grab her top and pull it over her head. Then you push her down onto the small chair. Sara looks up at you. She's completely naked. 

You let your eyes devour her. You lick your lips as you let your eyes roam. You want to savour this moment. It's a pause, a freeze frame moment that you want keep. Sara Sidle naked in front of you. This moment is better than you imagined. Better than you could of fantasised. You can't wait until you get your hands on her. Feed the Pavlov reflex. Give yourself something to get you off when you think about this moment.

She doesn't say a word. She sits forward. She rubs her palms against your stomach. You shed your jacket dropping it down. She pushes up your top. She kisses your stomach, pushing her tongue into your belly button. You squirm. Sara pulls away. She smiles, then her hands go to your trousers. 

"No." You say. "Don't." You don't want her to do that. You want to fuck her, that isn't in your plans. 

Sara just nods, she looks away. You stroke her hair, smoothing it out. You wish her hair was curly, like you've seen it before. But you like it straight. Gives her a 'look', dark hair, dark eyes. You smile at that, then you kneel down. Making sure that you're tall enough for her to undo your top, without much difficultly.

"Take my top off Sara." You tell her. "Please."

Sara nods, she moves forward. She spreads her legs to get comfortable. You see that she's wet. You can't help but smile Sara catches your look, she ducks her head. Then she puts her hands on your waist. She bends her head and licks and sucks against your collarbone. You shiver.

"You taste sweet." Sara whispers. She moves her hands, pushing the straps off your shoulders. She presses a kiss to each shoulder, before she reaches around and finds the zip of your top. She gropes slightly but she grasps the zip. She drags the zip down. Her other hand moves so that she can pull the top away from your skin. She drags her nails your back, which gets her a moan from your lips.

Sara looks back at you. She smiles, then she curls her hands around your top. You move your arms allowing her to take it off you. She drops it down, her hands move to your back pulling you forward so that she can start kissing you again. What surprises you that she starts to kiss your breast bone.

You watch as she kisses her way to your breasts. One hand moves so she can cup your left breast and her mouth goes to your right breast. She licks your nipple first. You move your hand, curling it into her hair and you guide her mouth to your breast. You hiss as she bites it. She tweaks the other one at the same time. Your fingers curl into her scalp, holding her there.

She sighs, as she moves forward. She's teasing you. You jolt your hips, warning her what you have in mind when she's finished teasing you. She changes over. Her mouth teasing the left now her hand teases the right.

You endure this tease for a few minutes before you guide her head back up. You kiss her fiercely not allowing her to settle into the kiss. You bite her bottom lip, earning you a moan which you swallow as you push your tongue inside her mouth. You dominate the kiss for a few minutes before you pull away.

Sara leans in, she almost whimpers when you move your mouth away from her. She looks so needy. It's such a fillip to see her like that. It warms your blood even more when she pleads with you. Her eyes plead but she doesn't say a word.

"Are you ready Sara?" You ask her, cupping her face.

Sara looks at you, then she nods.

You stand up. You kick off your heels, leaving yourself bare foot as you undo your trousers. Sara's still looking at you, "Go lie down on the floor." You tell her. "Spread your legs."

Sara nods. She slides off the chair. She lies down in front of you. You take off your trousers, you kneel down. You sit on your heels for a few seconds so you can look at her. She's just lying there, waiting for you. There's something deliciously intoxicating about this image. You shake your head. It's not just intoxicating, it's enthralling that you have her this close. She wants you. No hiding. Lying on that wooden floor, her body squirming against the hard wood that she's lying on.

You run your hand up her leg. Letting your palm trace over her skin. Sara twitches slightly as you run your palm up the curve of her hip and ass. "You're beautiful you know that." You tell her, "Just lying there." You look into her eyes, "Waiting for me." You add, then you lean over her, putting your hands next to her waist so you can hold yourself up, then kiss her softly. You don't push it, it's mainly chaste. Sara seems to recognise this and she kisses you back. You pull away from that tempting mouth. 

Sara guides you inside her. She bites her lip as you enter her. You smile, as she gasps, you hold yourself still so that she can get used to this. 

"Do you want me to move Sara?" You ask her, "Say the words." You taunt her. "Come on Sara, you know you want it." You twist your hips slightly. 

"Please Catherine." She says, "Please."

You smile then you withdraw to the tip. "Are you sure Sara?" You tell her, "C'mon beg me Sara." You smirk at her.

"Catherine...please." She implores you.

You smile, then thrust into her. Your gasp is swallowed up by her gasp. Her eyes are wide. You can't help but look back at her. There's something in her eyes. You know that you're revealing too much in this opening exchange, but you can't help it. You're half expecting her to push you away, but then she leans up pressing a kiss against your mouth. She accepts this.

You take your cue and start moving against her. She moves her hands, digging her fingers into your hips. You angle your hips so you can fuck her harder. 

The moan doesn't surprise you at all. You don't speed your hips up, you take your time. Slow hard thrusts that have her writhing underneath you. Her hands flexing as you keep up your rhythm. You can feel her tightening around you. Her face is starting to show the signs that she's coming closer to her orgasm. You move your hand, and press your thumb hard against her clit.

She swears. The dirty word. "Fuck." She says. You thrust hard into her. As her reward for that little word. Now she pleads with you. You can barely hear it but it your name mixed in with desperate pleas for you to fuck her hard, and not to stop. She's almost begging. You pull out of her, but your thumb works slow circles around her clit.

"Tell me." You hiss into her ear, "Tell me Sara Sidle. Tell me that you want me."

Sara opens her mouth, it's a wordless whine that greets you, "Please Catherine. Please fuck me, please." She spits out.

You smirk, then you thrust back into her. Your teeth go to her shoulder and you bite her shoulder as you start pounding inside her. You don't care if you draw blood, all you care about is getting Sara to come. Sara's hands move from your hips to your hair. Tugging your mouth up, you move your mouth. She wants a kiss.

You kiss her, her fingers lace into your hair holding you there. You want to pull away from her to hear her come. But she refuses. You feel her arch into you, the shudder of her body. The way she's gasping into the kiss. You tear your mouth away from hers. You look at her.

Her eyes are closed, she's not given you the pleasure of seeing her eyes when she came. You want to see her eyes when she comes. You're slowing down your thrusts so you can soothe her through her orgasm.

When she's stopped shuddering, she opens her eyes, then she smiles. It's a satisfied smile, then she moves her hand, putting it on your neck and she kisses you so sweetly. It satisfies you for a few seconds. You want a little more. You have plans, and you're not going to let go. You feel high, intoxicated by this power. You're enthralled by this, and now you want more. Even more than when you saw her naked waiting for you.

Sara pulls away, you withdraw from her, standing up. You offer your hand to her. She takes it. You help her up.

Sara looks at you shyly. "Come to bed." She murmurs, "We'll be a lot more comfortable." She gives you a wicked smile.

You smirk at her, "Of course."

Sara smiles then begins to lead to her bedroom. But you tug on her hand and turn her around, kissing her again. Sara opens her mouth, you suck her tongue into your mouth, sucking on it so you hear her moan. 

Somehow you stumble, pushing her into the window. You feel her shiver. You pull away from her mouth, you move to her neck, putting your hands on the window as you ravish her neck.

Her skin tastes good, clean but salty with the sweat that has appeared. You hum your delight, before you move down her collarbone. Repeating her trick of licking across your collarbone. You taste her then kiss it. You're tempted to mark her but you put that on the back burner for the moment as you move your mouth to her breasts.

You tease her right breast while your hand acquaints it's self with the feel and the weight of her left. Her skin is so soft. 

You hear her hiss as you tease her as much as she teased you. Her hands move to your shoulders. Her nails rake down your shoulder blades. You jolt your hips. Then the idea comes into your head.

Sara grins as you come back up, "Not easily satisfied." She smirks as you kiss her again.

"Not at all. You make me so." You reply as she guides you back inside. This time you gasp. Sara leans her head back against the glass. Again not letting you see what you want. You move slowly. You'll get to see it soon you hope.

Sara's hands move now, smoothing themselves over your back. You sigh happily. The caress relaxes you, but you're already pretty relaxed. You can feel the tingling of your own orgasm, but you want it to be on a slow burn. You want to savour this built up. There's no hurry this time. 

Sara's hands move, she is still stroking down your back, tracing little shapes over your skin. You're still staring at her, even though she isn't looking at you, you can still savour the way the lights play over her skin and the image of fucking her against the window isn't a bad image either.

Sara drops her head, resting against your shoulder. You feel her teeth on your neck. You smirk, as her hands hold you there. She has her own plans than seems to revolve around your neck. Her mouth makes you shiver, one of her hands slide down to relieve the ache in-between her own legs. You can feel it against your stomach. You speed up just slightly. You moan as you feel your own orgasm approaching.

Her mouth moves to your ear, "Are you enjoying this Catherine?" She whispers in your ear. "Fucking me so everyone can see me." She grins, "I guess that turns you on doesn't it? You're a show off aren't you Catherine?"

You start to put more force into your thrusts, "You enjoy it Sara." You whisper, "Does that turn you on, being naked and spread so wide that I could fit my hand inside you with this?" You twist your hips proving the point as she gasps in your ear. "Maybe when I've finished taking you up against here, maybe I'll take you from behind."

Sara whimpers, her hand is now frantically working in-between her own legs. The images that are zipping through your head, Sara's right hand in-between her own legs coupled with the image of her bend over on her knees with you behind her fucking her trigger your orgasm. "Sara." You hiss as you slam her against the window, you hear the slapping noise as her ass hits the window, it doesn't dislodge her in fact she tightens her grip on you, like an anchor holding on for dear life as she comes a few seconds after you do.

This time you're still shuddering as she moves her head, kissing you, her mouth is hungry this time. You relax into her mouth enjoying the kiss. Her hands are now stroking your hair, you sigh as you pull away.

Sara smiles, "This time we will go to the bedroom." She says, she nuzzles your cheek. You let her explore. Her hand cups your other cheek as she kisses your cheek. She explores the side of your face with her lips and tongue.

You pull away from her when she's finished, withdrawing from her. Sara takes your hand then leads you down the small corridor to the bedroom.

Your eyes trace over her again, but this time you want to let a few of your other senses take over. You stop, she turns slightly, but you press yourself up against her. She can feel the toy, but you want her to feel your skin.

You need this for the pictures that your mind is making. The 3D images that you'll use to get yourself off if it's the only night you will spend together. You won't be able not to think about Sara for the next few days. You need to feed every sense. Pavlov, not withstanding. You need this picture. You need it for the wet dreams that you will have, you can replay this in your mind creating new fantasies based on these pictures.

You move your mouth, your hands massage over her shoulders. Sara shivers as you massage your hands over her back and her ass. Then you start kissing her shoulders, open mouthed kisses allowing you to taste her skin. Everything feeds into your senses. The way that Sara is trembling at the touches. The way she whimpers when you hit a good spot and the way you rake your teeth and nails over the perfect skin.

You absently wonder how someone could turn this down. If Sara is as responsive as she is with you...You smile at your victory. More for me. You think smugly.

You return to her neck but before you can start kissing it, she turns around and pulls you into a fierce kiss, she drags you into a room.

You pull away from her. You take in her bedroom, it's cosy, a large king sized bed with a iron headboard in the centre of the room. The walls are the same colour as the living room a rich purple. The sheets on the bed are a deep red. The heavy black curtains haven't been pulled over so the mid morning Vegas sun streams through.

"I'll get on the bed." You tell her, you strut over, bending slightly so you can pull the covers off the bed. You get up onto to the bed and then put your hands over your head. Like you were relaxing, you raise your eyebrow.

Sara smirks at you. Then she gets up on to the bed. Her eyes are now hungry. She's finally give up on hiding what she wants. She straddles your stomach, she grinds against your stomach, you can feel how wet she is. She slides her right hand down her own thigh, slipping it in-between her legs. 

Your eyes widen as she starts to touch herself. There's a gush of wetness that helps her slide easier on your stomach.

"Sara, please." You beg her.

Sara looks back down, "What do you want Catherine?" She pauses, "Tell me sweetheart, and I'll make it all better." There's a smirk almost a leer on her face.

You jerk your hips, "I want to be inside you." You plead with her.

Sara smiles, then she cups your face with her free hand, she strokes your cheek, "OK." She says, "Wrap your hands around the rails."

You do want you've been told. Sara lifts herself off your stomach, then she slides herself onto the toy. You gasp as she takes you inside her, you can feel her completely. You jerk your hips but Sara doesn't move. She adjusts herself so that she's comfortable.

You try to lean up, but she leans over, grabbing you by the shoulders, pushing you back down, the hip thrust proves the point, you can't help the moan that escapes your lips.

Sara bends her head, her black hair covering face. She's hiding again, you want to see her. You want to see her eyes as she fucks herself on you. It's not shyness that she hides. The light comes on over your head, she feels vulnerable.    You wonder if she's always this vulnerable. It makes you clench, something appeals to you about this...

Sara gasps, throwing her head back, your eyes take in the curve of her neck, her hands are pinching and palming her breasts. You devour her as she brings you both closer to orgasm with the rolling motion of her hips. You want to reach up and help her, or just slide your hand down so you can feel how swollen her clit must be. You bite your lip as you dig your fingers into your palm as you remember touching it.

As if she can read your mind, Sara lets her left hand drift so she can touch herself. She doesn't look at you she seems hypnotised by the movements of her own hand.

Your moan makes her eyes dart away, there's a smile on her face as she pushes down hard, she's really going for it. She wants to see you come as much as you want to come yourself.

You arch up against her as you come. You want to let go so you can wrap yourself around her. You want to bite her, taste her skin as you come.

She falls forward, you can feel her breath on your skin, she's panting, you know by the pattern of her breathing that she's just come, but she's not looking at you, her eyes are looking at something else.

She bends her head nuzzling your neck, she nips at your pulse point. You unwind your fingers bending them so you can get the blood running through them again, when you're satisfied that you can feel your fingers you wind them into her hair and pull her to you.

Sara looks back at you. "Trust me." You say to her. "I won't hurt you." You add. Just waiting for her response.

Sara nods, she doesn't say a word. You turn her over onto her back, grabbing her hands and pushing them over her head. Sara takes the hint and wraps her hands around the bars of the head board. You're still inside her.

"Wrap your legs around me Sara." You whisper.

Sara does what you ask. You smile, then lean in, this kiss is your way of marking her. You bit her bottom lip before sucking it into your mouth. You lick and suck at it before she moans and you pull away.

You ravish her mouth while you start rocking gently against her. This will be the last act this morning so you want to work her up slowly. You know that she won't be sitting comfortably for a few days after this, you want her to know that you've done this.

Sara moans into the kiss before she pulls away, she moves against you. There's something about this contrast, her vulnerability with the blatantly sexual movements that she's making now. Your hands are now gripping her hips, forcing yourself in harder.

There's the sound of the mattress moving underneath your weight, but soon the noise is eclipsed by your breathing. It seem so loud to your ears.

You can't help but watch her as she responds to you. You're treated to a different side of Sara Sidle. A seductive sexual aspect that you can't help want more.

You've always been the type to jump in with two feet. You don't care that you might of judged this wrong. But looking down at her, eyes wide, flushed and sweaty. Her mouth swollen from where you've ravished it. Now you can't hide what is in your eyes. You want to her to see that you don't regret this intimacy. That's the most important part to you. You want no regrets. You just hope that she doesn't regret it either.

You move your right hand, putting it over her breast. You can feel her heart thundering. You imagine that your heart is doing the same. You thrust upwards. Her heels dig in harder, her thighs clench. You don't care if she leaves bruises, they'll be a reminder of what happened and how you both enjoyed it.

Sara tries to look away from you, you don't let her, putting your hand on her cheek, cupping it, bringing her eyes back to you.

"Don't look away Sara baby." The endearment slips out so easily, "I want to see you come please." Your left hand is now gently touching her clit. Your right has returned to her hip steadying holding her.

Her eyes lock on yours. You smile, bending you head, you almost kiss her but you moan as you come joining you both for the last time tonight. Sara's eyes are beautiful, you can't help but watch as she comes a few seconds after you. You slow your thrusts until you're hardly moving as you come down.

Sara's breathing is the only thing heard as you drop yourself down. You pant slightly as you start to untangle yourself from her. Her legs fall from your back. You move your hand from in-between her legs, you see her essence on your hand, you can't help but smile as you clean it off your skin. Still as sweet as it was the first time. Your hand uncurls from her hip. You press a kiss to her breast, you can still feel her heart thudding.

"Catherine." Your name explodes from her lips, it's almost a gasp as she forces air into her lungs.

You smile fondly, then kiss her chastely on the lips. "Hush Sara." You say her name fondly, "No more words." You tell her.

Sara blinks slowly. She wants to say something. But you put your finger to her lips. Then you tangle your fingers into her hair, pushing the strands away from her face, you let your fingers move, stroking over her face, you want to memorise this. Seeing her so content, satisfied and even tired. Knowing you put all those emotions on her face. Just in case this is the last time and she pushes you away. Oddly the rejection doesn't worry you as much as if had happened earlier in the night. After all, you're not even sure that you want more. Even after all the thoughts. 

You still want to possess her, but the lust that flared when you were having sex has mellowed, you still want her. You admit to yourself that having Sara Sidle, touching her, tasting her. Fucking her, teasing her tormenting her felt good, better than you ever thought it would be. And you know why it is, because it's with her. Sara. After all, you're not even sure that you want more. No, that's wrong. You need more. Want has become need.

Such boundless pleasure in this morning.

You with draw from her, you don't want too but you're tired, and the way she's having trouble keeping her eyes open, she's tired as well. You collapse on the other side of the bed, the side closest to the window. Pulling the covers over yourself.

You turn away from her and close your eyes. Everything can wait. Wait until the smooth burn has gone. Maybe you'll still have her maybe not. You're not sure, but you want more you need more, the burn maybe going but it hasn't extinguished the burn you feel. The opposite has happened, the flame has started to burn harder. You're burning for her you know this in your heart and you keep it close.

It's up to her now.