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Coloured Love

Coloured Love

Red Dress: Red.

I have been here for 10 minutes. I'm worried. Not worried per se. I know that's she going to be here soon. I guess it's just first date nerves. I asked Sofia Curtis to dinner yesterday. She didn't laugh at me, she just smiled at me, flashing those big blue eyes and perfect teeth. And told me that she'd love to go dinner with me. I think Greg asked me if I had been drinking his special coffee because I couldn't get the grin off my face.

I scan the surrounding area. Then I spy her, and my heart nearly pounds out of my chest.

The red dress. She's wearing a beautiful red dress. I feel nervous. I mean I asked her to dinner. I shouldn't be nervous. But she looks so beautiful. Her smile lights up the room as she moves to the table.

"Hi." I sat standing up. "You look wonderful."

Sofia half smiles, her eyes roll down me. She reaches up and gently tugs on my shirt, "I love this shirt on you."

I look down, "Thanks. Are you ready to order?"

Sofia smiles, "Sure."


The meal went well. I didn't come over as too much of a nerd, but the way Sofia laughed at some of my jokes she seems to like my nerdish way. But I must admit she's even more beautiful when she's relaxed. Outside of work. When we're not talking about rotting corpses and fingerprint powder. I get a good view of her cleavage when she leans over to have a taste of my chocolate torte. By the smirk I get when she sees me doing it, she's rather amused. We talk about everything and nothing at all.

It's the end of the meal. I escort her to her car.

"I had a very nice time Sara." Sofia smiles, "Will I see you at work tomorrow?"

I nod, "Yes."

"Good." Sofia leans over and kisses me on the lips, I kiss her back.

"Goodnight kiss." Sofia tells me before she walks away.

Leaving me grinning like an idiot. But I don't care. Sofia Curtis has just given me a goodnight kiss in a beautiful red dress. Life doesn't get better than this.


Green Eyes: Green

He's flirting with her again.

That irritates me.

For many reasons. All the years I thought I was in love with Doctor Gil Grissom I was always second best. I watched him practically proclaim something for me when we had the Marlin case, but he's back to form. We've all gone for a drink, quiet night in Vegas. I'm standing at the bar watching Sofia and Catherine play centre of attention with Greg and Grissom. Warrick and Nick are playing pool in the corner.

Sofia's laugh makes me eye her again. But she's not laughing with him. She laughing at something Greg has just said. I turn towards the bartender I go to order another drink.

Then the touch of a hand, then an arm around my shoulders makes me jump.

"Funny Sara, I could of sworn your eyes were brown, if I was being poetic, chocolate brown or coffee coloured, not green." Sofia's words make me shiver, "Jealousy isn't too flattering on you Sara. Because I really don't want to tell them what we got up to this morning because I think the visuals will make Greg's head explode, Grissom to probably give you a look and then think about it."

I smile, "What about Catherine?" As I turn to face her.

Sofia smirks, "She'd probably give you a thumbs up. And regale tales of her and Lady Heather."

I'm so glad at that moment I'm not drinking because I would of spat it out. "You're evil." I tell Sofia.

She just laughs, "You didn't know they were dating? They make quite a good pair." She steals a kiss off me. "Why do think Grissom looks so put out?" She tells me.

"I thought he was just being his usual self." I comment.

Sofia smirks again, "I guess his ego couldn't take all the rejection."

I smile, "Is that why you're being nice to him?"

Sofia moves her hand, "Maybe. Or I'm just in a good mood." She tells me. "Cause of this morning..."

"I never knew you turn that red Sidle." Catherine chimes in as she comes to the bar.

I throw her a glare which just makes them both laugh, Catherine pats me on the shoulder, Sofia kisses me again. Before they both slink back to the table.

I shake my head. Sofia's right, there's no need to be jealous anymore. She chose me.

Behind Blue: Blue

No one knows what hides behind those blue eyes.

She's staring at the wall. I close the door, "Hey." I say.

Sofia turns to me, "I thought..."

"I wanted to see you." I tell, "Is that OK with you?"

She gives me a weak smile, "Sorry, not in the mood for having visitors."

"I'm your girlfriend, I'm not a visitor." I say.

That gets me another weak smile, "Sorry. Just..."

"Replaying the shoot out." I say.

She looks at me, then nods. "I can't get it out of my head."

I kneel in front of her, "Doesn't mean you can't your job, and doesn’t mean you're weak. Just means that you're human. Weakness is not measured by the fact you broke down." I tell her, "Besides it's just me and you here, no one else so you can snap on your super cop ego as soon as you get out the door. But I snap on my super CSI ego on as well. But here...it's just us."

Sofia smiles at me, "Do you believe that?"

I kiss her, "I believe it." I pull away from her.

Sofia stares at me, I just want her to see it's OK. She didn't shoot him. We proved it that she didn't shoot him. I can't stop her from thinking about it I can hopefully put her mind at ease.

There's a beat. I reach for her hands I take her hands, "Trust me." I say, "Please Sofia."

She looks at me, for the first time in a couple of days I see her smile. It makes me smile because she's beautiful when she smiles. I lean up, pressing a kiss against that smile.

She puts her arms around my neck, I pull away. "See?" I say.

Sofia chuckles, "C'mere." She says.

I move back to her. She kisses me again.


I stir, blinking against the light. Sofia's still sleeping. Her blonde hair is carelessly brushed away from neck. I smile as I kiss her neck. She's naked. I can still feel the effects of our love making. Letting off some steam. It was cathartic. I gently stroke her cheek, "I love you." I whisper in her ear.

I lie back down, snuggling up against her, content to let her sleep. But something twigs at me. No one knows what it's like to be the sad man. To be the bad man. Behind blue eyes.

I shake my head. Maybe Sofia will let me see what's behind her blue eyes. I hope she will, and I hope that I can show her too.

White Pain: White

I'm staring at the sheets. Vega is talking to Sofia about the couple. Garth and Dina Mitchell were beaten to death. The sheets are white but they're stained with blood. David is checking the liver temp.

"They have been dead less than 12 hours." David looks at me.

I nod, looking towards the mess. I see that there's a blood trail that leads out the bedroom. "Blood trail." I say before departing. I track the blood drops into another room. It's the bathroom.

The tiled floor it covered in blood. The tub has blood soaked clothes. Someone was in a hurry to get out here. Maybe they changed clothes....

"Sara!" I hear my name being called.

I turn and pick my way out of the bathroom careful not to disturb any evidence. I return to the bedroom. Sofia's waiting for me.

"I think I found the murder weapon." She holds up the bloodied shotgun. "When the gun didn't work. They were beaten to death." She moves towards me.

I nod. I look at the gun. There seems to be heavy almost ornate design on the butt. It's unusual. But hopefully perfect for prints because of the ridged raised surface. There's bound to be something trapped inside there.

"You're staring." Sofia teases.

"I like the image of you with a shot gun." I tease her back.

Sofia smirks, "I'll pack one next time we're on a date."

I grin at her, "Will you?"

"Yeah, that and my gun belt and bowie knife. Don't forget the extra ammo."

I laugh, "Trying to turn me on?"

Sofia blows me a kiss, "Always."


Bobby smiles at us, "The reason your gun didn't fire. Someone removed the firing pins." He opens the gun, "This was done by a professional."

"So the gun was useless?" Sofia hazards.

"Completely." Bobby continues, "It looks like this wasn't designed to be used." He notes, pointing out the design on the handle, "It's a show piece."

"But it was loaded." I tell him.

"Blanks." Bobby tells me. "It's like having a sword collection but all the blades are blunted, they're show pieces."

"Or fakes." I chime in.

Sofia gives me a confused look, "What do you mean?"

"Insurance fraud case back a few years." I comment. "The Mikado was a big part of it. Gilbert and Sullivan."

"At least it wasn't Madame Butterfly." Sofia adds.

"Puccini?" I ask.

Sofia gently pats me on the shoulder, "Sara Sidle winner of the lab's random information competition 4 years running."

"No way." I say, "I've not beaten Grissom yet."

Sofia leans in and whispers, "Well in my book you have. And you're a lot sexier than Grissom anyway."

I feel the blush threaten. Bobby takes pity on me, "There's no way that anyone could get this to fire. It's not a fake. It's incredibly well built. With the firing pins, it's a pretty powerful gun. Without...it's just a show piece."

Black Mood: Black.

The hug is unexpected but needed. Her skirt is black. Just like my mood. Greg's a hero...but he got the shit kicked out of him. What for? Fucking kicks? They were kids.

"They were kids." I mutter as I pull away.

"I know." She tells me.

I look at her, "Sorry."

Sofia smiles at me, "Why. Breaking down in front of me isn't weak. Remember you told me that."

I smile, "Did it work?"

Sofia laughs, "It did." She puts her hands on my shoulders, "Look at me Sara."

I look at her. Sofia moves her hands, putting them on my shoulders, "I know you're angry and upset." She tells me, "I don't blame you. But this won't help anyone...blocking me out. I'm your girlfriend remember? I know you lock down sometimes."

I don't deny her words, "I know." I look at her, "I just feel so angry." I tell her, "What do you think was wrong with them? I know that there..."

"Some people are just evil, Sara. By design or influence." Sofia tells me, she looks at me. "They could of been raised with saints but they're still evil." She looks at me, "You were raised by two people who shouldn't of been parents. But look at you baby? You're a good person."

I smile weakly, "You don't think there's a murder gene?"

"No." Sofia tells me, "I don't...I think it's an excuse for people to blame. Because we don't understand genes so we always blame something that we don't understand. I think it's just a stupid way of not dealing."

I half smile, "Really?" I ask her.

Sofia just nods, she doesn't say a word. She pulls me into a hug. I move my hands wrapping them around her waist. We just stand here. And she left me hold her. I don't cry but part of me wants to.

"I'm not scared of you Sara Sidle." Sofia tells me, "And anyone who loves you, isn't scared of where you came from. They care for more than you realise." She tells me, "I love you."

"I love you too."


I knock on the door. I wait a couple of minutes. Then the door opens. Greg half smiles at me, "I was wondering when you were going to turn up." He teases me. "Too busy with Sofia?"

The tease makes me smile, "Not really." I tell him, "Can I come in?"

He just nods, then ushers me inside.



Apr. 16th, 2010 04:07 pm (UTC)
*sigh* This was pretty perfect in my book!!!

And Limp Bizkit! I loved that song.

Red dress is my fave ;)
Sofia half smiles, her eyes roll down me. She reaches up and gently tugs on my shirt, "I love this shirt on you."
- so sweet!

Sofia smirks, "I'll pack one next time we're on a date."

I grin at her, "Will you?"
LMAO, of course Sofia with a shotgun, oh my!

Thanks for these drabbles, they are wonderful! You should write more Sassy! Pleeaassseeee! *offers chocolate, coffee and cookie at once*

Is it working? :D
Apr. 16th, 2010 04:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you. 'Cause I was so worried these weren't going to be good enough.

Was Blue OK? Cause that was the toughest one to write, because I just remember Sofia being so fragile. It wasn't OOC but it was just heart breaking. The image of her running just goes through my head.

And if you're a Buffy fan Anthony Steward Head sang it in Where The Wild Things Are. Was that the Halle Berry video?

I hope Sofia came over as sassy and sweet because what I've read she always is. And very very flirty ;D.

Gotta get Sofia with a shot gun image in once ;D.

It was pleasure, I like finding new people to write. I started on BTVS, then moved on to CSI, then NCIS, then CSI:M, SVU and CM.

Bribery is not need! If you give me a challenge I will write more Sassy, I like challenges. I can add it to the pairings I write because you can't write enough.